Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Love and Hate

Fillers galore!

1. I love to eat: donuts! yumyumyum!
2. I hate to eat: SINIGANG -- believe it or not!
3. I love to go: to Cebu! Later na yan! Yebah! (I luuurve going to malls too!)
4. I hate to go: to DOST. Haaaaay. Life.
5. I love it when: I wake up in the morning and realize it's Sunday so no need to rush.
6. I hate it when: it rains.
7. I love to see: shooting stars.
8. I hate to see: rude drivers on the road.
9. I love to hear: Fr. Jun's Sunday homilies.
10. I hate to hear: loud sounds from my neighbor's TV at 3 AM.

Just grab this tag if you need fillers.

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