Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's all in my crazy little mind

It's 20 minutes past 3:00 AM. Yes, I have to go to school later, if that's what you want to ask. But honestly, I've never been a morning person, so school time is more or less a little past lunchtime for me. Therefore, sleeping is not an option right now. My mind is so much wide awake that I'd be needing tons of Prozac to send me to dreamland.

Well, I'm up because this one site recently launched a new paid opp worth $25.00. Twenty-five freaking dollars... that's like a thousand pesos. A thousand pesos for 100 words. Deym. I've been refreshing the page for several times now and all available slots for this certain opp has been reserved. Why are they all so fast when it comes to reserving opps?! What's my DSL for?! What's my updated PC for?! Argh.

Oh. I refreshed the page just now and the opp is gone. Boo.

You have to agree with me when I say that once you earn money from blogging, you just can't help but long for more. What makes it even more attractive is that you get payment in dollars. I mean, come on... who wouldn't want that?! Not that I am some money-loving blogger, but I'm sure you do get where I am coming from. Just think: $1 = 40 pesos (in fact, is kills me that from $1 to 50 pesos it dropped to just 40 pesos.)

Oh, by the way, can you just imagine how Google hates us paid bloggers? Yeah, they did drop our ranks to zero, but that won't necessarily make us stop! Haha! I'm sure they've been trying to figure out a better (and maybe a more permanent) way to eliminate us off the web. Again, boo to you, Google!

Hah. I've never refreshed a page this much in my life, but it seems that nothing is happening to the page displayed on the other tab. Haaaay. I am nearing my give-up threshold.

It's probably time to finish this blabbering. Sorry to waste your time reading crap. This whole thing, everything written here, just kept on popping out of nowhere. No coherence, no flow. It was just popping! Must be from the wild, little corners of my sometimes-insane mind.

Bah, I am making no sense here. Peace out.

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