Saturday, January 12, 2008

Where has blogging taken you?

For some people I know, blogging has been a major source of cash. I believe it has been, for some, a career while staying at home.

I have read about people who have used the money they earned from blogging in a variety of ways. One has bought Louis Vuitton bags using her blogging money. One has bought so many shoes via an online store in the US. Another one bought Coach wallets for her and her husband (you hear me, Ate Peachy? Haha!) And even my cousin in the US has started paid blogging to earn money to buy kikay stuff!

As for me, I have not touched the money I earned since I started blogging. I reckon it's time to use it, to finally reap the fruits of my labor.

So next week, blogging will take me back to one of the best places I have been to in the Philippines. I can't wait to go back to...

Magellan's Cross

Cebu Cathedral

Fort San Pedro

Cebu Provincial Capitol

Taoist Temple

Mactan beaches

Shangri-La Mactan's coastline

Tita Ellen's beach

Tita Ellen's White Mansion (with the La-Z-Boy sala set!)

Sinulog, here we come! Take me, Cebu, take me!

Now it's time to ask you, where has blogging taken you? Feel free to answer =)

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