Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Manila, my Manila!

Woohoo!!! I'm sooooooo happy to be back home!

Just got home this morning from my ultra amazing but equally tiring Cebu trip. Gawd, I missed Manila! I missed my bed! I missed the jeeps! I missed the internet!!!

I planned to sleep the whole day, but then I realized that I have to wash the clothes I brought with me to Cebu because I have almost none left for tomorrow! I finished washing them all just before doing this post, and believe it or not, my hands are numb and shaky while I'm typing this! Talk about first time washing clothes!

In as much as I want to post my stories and pics in Cebu, I really couldn't do it now because my hands aren't cooperating and my mind is going blank. I promise to post entries about my trip as soon as my mind gets back in shape.

Argh! I am delaying posts for the Nth time and I hate it!

Anyway, hafta go now. My body is longing for my bed. Tata!

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