Monday, December 31, 2007

Tell me how to breathe.

Because bringing my camera proved to be futile, my short stories would have to suffice for now until I get copies of the pictures we took from Ate Peachy.

Nobody probably wants to know what happened to my activities scheduled for the weekend, but I'd blog about it anyway, simply because I can't imagine how I got through every single day without passing out!

28 December 2007 (Friday)

I had six schedule activities last Friday and because I have to admit that I have no superhuman powers, I got only three of them done.

My 8 AM PCASTRD trip happened 6 hours late, so I ended up rushing to attend the Parish Youth Ministry's Christmas party for the less fortunate kids which was supposed to start at 1 PM. I was able to make it to the party's venue; however, the party was nearly done when I got there.

In the evening, my whole family met up with Tito Boy, Tita Alice, and Kristina to watch a stand-up comedy in Quezon City. We were all laughing so hard the whole night! Man, the gays were hilarious! When we went home at around 3 AM, the show was not even over yet!

29 December 2007 (Saturday)

Because we went home late the night before, I expected myself to wake up late too on a lazy Saturday. I wasn't able to attend to my thesis and our Tagaytay was called off the last minute, so I thought I'd bum the whole day... that was until my whole family (including my cousins) suddenly decided to schedule a dinner with Tito Boy and his family, which means I had to miss both my originally scheduled Christmas parties for the night!

We had dinner at Hula Hula in Alabang and had desserts at Cafe Breton. Had the chance to chat with Kristina that night. It's always nice to bond with a cousin who's in Manila for the first time.

At 12 AM, my night was far from over as Leah picked me up to hang out at Starbucks Sucat Road. You know naman, girls would always have time to do a little chit chat called girl talk, take note, no matter how tired/busy/insane they are! Haha!

30 December 2007 (Sunday)

Of course, waking up on a Sunday is the best! It's 11 AM and nobody really cares!

Anyway, we went to the Manalangsang family reunion in Tayuman for lunch. Cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews -- name it! Everybody was there! We could never miss this gathering ever! Too bad Ate Ricca, Tita Thess, and Tito Bong can only watch us from the webcam! You guys MUST join us in the flesh next year!

Siyempre, a Filipino gathering can never be complete without karaoke! Kesehodang wala sa tono. Mom even danced to my "I Will Survive" song. Karaoke surely gets everyone hyped up! Even Kristina sang Tagalog songs!

I left a few hours later because (argh!) I needed to attend an interview in (eeeep!) Las PiƱas for my Aussie trip next year. I wished it was scheduled in the morning and not at 4:30 PM because we wanted to go shopping pa and bond some more with Tito Boy, Tita Alice, and Kristina (since they've been gone for so long and they're leaving for the US later today).

After the interview, me and my mom went back to Tayuman to pick up Tito Boy and his family and bring them to Market! Market!/Serendra/Bonifacio High Street for a last-minute bonding/shopping time. I'd love to show them around but we got there pretty late na so they were not able to do much shopping. Good thing Tita was able to buy the accessories she was looking for since she got here and some pasalubong for friends back in the US.

We wanted to stroll around High Street, but we unfortunately have to go back ASAP to the hotel where they were staying at in Manila because a family friend of theirs was waiting for them to send some last-minute regards.

SO THERE. Haaaay.

I don't wanna forget about what happened to the last few days of my 2007, so I am making sure I post these things before the year ends. I promise to post detailed stories (as if this isn't detailed enough!) as soon as I get the pics from Ate Peachy.

A part of me is jumping for joy right now because I can finally breathe after a tiring (but super fun!) weekend. A part of me is sad, well, because I really don't like ending years. It's like saying goodbye to all the good things that went by.

I am off to hit the sack now. Hopefully, I get the chance to do a year-ender later. Can't do it now, I feel like my head's spinning non-stop. Give me some time to put it back in place. Tata!

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