Friday, November 9, 2007

I miss you.

In your lifetime, there will always be people whom you will remember for the many good (or bad!) things they did to you. That someone whom you had your first date with. That someone who first broke your heart. That someone whom you had very very good conversations with (which by the way lasted for hours!). That someone who first called you names. That someone who made you cry all night long.

Then there's this one who you can't seem to forget no matter how many years passed. Who made you happy with even the corniest of jokes. Who stunned you with his witty comments on life. Who was amazing by being simply himself...

We may never get the chance to talk like we used to, we may never be the same again. But just in case I wasn't able to tell you, thinking about our memories still make me smile. Thank you. You are forever in my heart. =)

I miss you, CJ. And you don't know how incredibly much.

(It's funny how Avril's "I miss you..." kept on playing in my head as i was doing this post!)

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