Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Call me Ultra-amazing Superwoman

Aside from the other gazillion things I have to do in life, e.g. thesis experiments, manuscript, household chores, DWTL duties, lector on Sundays, sell stuff on eBay, prepare GS publication, meet up with friends to keep my social life from completely going down the drain, tutor General Chemistry to a freshman, etc., I have recently decided to add "extra special blogging" in my to-do list for extra moolah.

Yep, I'm joining the bandwagon.

My future posts may not be of interest to anyone than the advertisers, but I will surely be doing posts that aren't paid from time to time.

So to those asking for a special article about them (READ: Sheila), I'm afraid I have to put that off for a while. I am getting paid to do articles now, you know. Hahahaha! Seriously Shi, I would do something for the barx next time. It's just that I have my hands so full right now. I know you understand. =)

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