Sunday, November 11, 2007

We are Dazers forever

I just got home from the 41st Days With the Lord Anniversary Mass and I am once again on a high. I was overwhelmed with the experience not only because this is the first time I attended the DWTL Anniv. Mass in my four years of being a Dazer, but also because of the fact that I am representing the Better Living-DWTL Community along with the other BL DWTL core members.

Actually, our attendance wasn't planned at all. Our originally scheduled meeting with our parish priest would coincide with the Anniv. Mass schedule and so we never thought we'd be able to attend the Mass in the first place. In the afternoon, we were informed that our meeting was cancelled. We then decided to just go to the DWTL Anniv. Mass sponsored by the St. Scholastica's College DWTL Community.

Before leaving MHC Parish

Waiting for Jerold outside his house

Backseat peeps: Zaldy, Apol, Grace, Jerold, and cross :)

We all thought that we were late when we got to St. Scho but it turned out that the Mass was just about to start. It honestly felt so good to see hundreds and hundreds of Dazers from different communities gather in one place to celebrate the 4th Day with our Kuya. And getting to renew our commitment as Dazers was the best part of it! The first and last time I got to express my commitment was like four years ago!

After the Mass, posing for the camera was just unavoidable. And it wasn't only us, as in everyone talaga!

Boys Batch 2

With people from UST DWTL (Yup, I serve this community too!)

With our cross

Just when we were about to leave, Mon's van seemed to have some start up problems, and so we took more pics while waiting for him to fix things up.

Apol and Grace

Picture-taking along Estrada St.

Si Grace lang naiba! Brown nga ang BL DWTL eh. Haha.

Some of the people I know from UST Days passed by as we were making tambay along Estrada St. Jhun (my co-BIL staffer) suddenly blurted out, "Wala pa tayong picture, Dorx!" Picture, you say? Madali akong kausap. Hahaha!

With UST Dazers (Karl, Jhun, Patrick, Ja, and the other girl. Awww, I forgot her name.)

Since our tummies were already making noises, we decided to head back to ParaƱaque and eat our dinner there. Pero the traffic was bad along Sucat Road, so we had no choice but to...

...take pics again!

While waiting for our orders at Sinangag Express BF

Can you tell Mon and Je are so hungry already?

Renewed commitment, time with Kuya, lots of pics, full stomachs, and a fun fun fun bonding time with the BL DWTL core members... the simple joys that made my day. It's good to be with Dazers. I am a happy girl! =)


Some thoughts...


We are called to be a Dazer, we are Dazers forever. Remember: He never said it would be easy, He only said it would be worth it. And we all know it was definitely WORTH it.

Let's live our commitment! Let's live the 4th!


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