Monday, January 28, 2008

Laziness takes over

I really wanted to do some of the pending posts I have on my list, but I am afraid laziness is taking over me. I know I must not give in, must control myself, but the force is very strong and I can't fight back. Haha!

I shall have enough will power to posts the following SOON:

1. Evil Girlies' Dinner
2. Manalangsang End-of-the-year Reunion
3. My Cebu Sinulog trip

If there is one thing though that I can't help but make a post about, it's definitely the paid opps that send in $$$ into my pockets! Haha!

Diba? Who can ever say NO? Lalo na if you have lots of bills/debts to pay or if you've been thinking of getting something from eBay? Who can say NO?!

Haaaay. We have to admit it. It's keeps us longing for more... and we love it!

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