Friday, January 25, 2008

23 years! Beat that!

Praise be to God for giving me 23 wonderful years of living this beautiful life! And I am so ready for 23 more! I offer everything to you, Lord!

Much, much love to my Mom, Dad, Jhozelle, Abi, Ate Peachy, Ate Ricca, Ate Al, Kris Crooc, Inah Datuc, Leah Casio, Peter Pardo, Kat Marcial, Emar Largo, Karl Edejer, Hannah Vergara, Sheila Colandog, Fr. Ching, O.P., Liz Ocampo, Jhun Galicia, Maian Miguel, Teij Bonaobra, Daisy Casio, Jolleen Balitaan, Ernest Lim, Kris Nuguid, Coco, Cor, PA Flores, Ivan Puno, Mam Karen, Sir Bergs, Dra. Rhona, Lia "the Empress" Inocencio (haha!), Renee Tady, Jenny Carreon, Apol Espino, Eds Briones, Dianne Mancita, Shenley delos Santos, Khriz, Mary Alarcio, Kat, Prue Dy, Cheryl Chua, Kix Abaya, Minay Estacio, Leah Gatdula, Mark Alarcio, Theen Agravante, Jay =), and to everyone who made my day verrrrrry special! *huuuuugsss to all of you*

Just a thought:

When I look back and wonder how I ever made it through, I realize it's not because I've been clever, but because GOD has been wise; not because I've been strong, but because GOD has been mighty; not because I've been consistent, but because GOD has been faithful.

Basta IKAW! Amen, Lord, Amen!

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Anonymous said...

teka, bakit may "the EMPRESS" pa ako?!

funny, i searched my name on google and it lead me to your blog! KWAK!