Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tag you!

Tag! I have another filler for my blog. Yay!

FiVe tHiNgs foUnd in My bAg :

- red magic wallet
- polka-dotted umbrella (never go without it!)
- my techie kit (holds my phone, iPod, hamburger speakers, Palm Z22, and my extra phone in case I get held up! Haha!)
- a bundle of keys
- my fan! (As in pamaypay! Galit ako sa init eh!)

FivE tHinGs foUnd iN my waLLet:

- cash
- credit card
- ATM card
- Driver's License
- receipts

fiVe ThingS fOunD In My RoOm:

- books! lots of em!
- double-deck bed (I get the one on top!)
- aircon
- my beloved shoe rack
- my study table

FivE thIngS I've aLwaYs waNteD to dO:

- learn how to wake board
- represent my country in one event (scientific or not)
- get my PhD
- drive a truck
- travel to Brazil

fIve tHinGs I'm cuRrEntly iNto:

- doing endless reports!
- shopping! (I have to agree with Ate Ricca!)
- doing paid opps
- music, music, and more music
- bum around

I tag:

- anybody who wants to grab this tag!

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