Sunday, December 2, 2007

ANTM Cycle 9: Episode 11

I have been following the current cycle of America's Next Top Model through YouTube, and I have to say that this cycle has become a little less than what I expected it to be.

No, I am not talking about that cycle being shown in ETC. Last time I checked, we were 2 cycles late, no thanks to geography. Friends have told me that ETC is now showing cycle 8, but that's a past cycle concluded even before August of this year.

Anyway, episode 11 of cycle 9 had Heather saying goodbye after her so-so chinese princess shoot and a very poor performance with the Go Sees. I honestly think it was time for Heather to go home since she was going down from week to week. It's true that she takes amazing photos, no doubt about that, but that's because she has a face that "the camera loves," and she need not exert too much effort on her poses. We all know that a pretty face is not enough to get her through the business.

Heather's pre-season futuristic shot

Heather's second photo shoot: Couture Rock Climbing

Don't get me wrong, I do like Heather, and for a time I thought she'd win this competition. What I do not like about her is that she became so used to being on top, that a single negative critique stressed the hell out of her and it obviously affected her performance in the competition. What frustrates me more is that she's using her Asperger's syndrome (a mild version of ADHD) as an excuse for her poor performance. It could've been better if she used her condition to prove that she has what it takes to become a model and her disability can not stop her from being one.

Well, I guess Heather's just not ready for the punches of the modeling industry. I'm afraid it's something she can't handle.

By the way, why in world is Bianca still in the competition? She should've gone home even before Lisa or Ambreal did. I dunno what Tyra sees in her. She's stiff and not fierce at all. Plus, she looks sleepy in most of her photos.

With the way things are going, looks like Saleisha is going to win this cycle. Jenah might be the runner up. Honestly, I don't like Saleisha's do; it isn't edgy for her features. And I think she still has that girl-next-door look that isn't modelish at all. On the other hand, Jenah's extensions are, ermm, messy actually. I hope she had them removed as soon as they finished shooting the cycle.

My final two

Only four are left. Let's see who's going home next week. Meanwhile, check out Heather's portfolio by clicking this.


KermitFruits said...

Actually Asperger's is a mild form of Autism-and it is a big deal because it does dramatically decrease a persons ability to perform and understand written or spoken language. It also interfers with their ability to cope with changes, manage stress and relate/understand other people. So even if she had a mild form of it, the fact that she had it would decrease her ability to perform as well as the other girls-although I agree that using it as an excuse or crutch is kind of irritating-because she has Aspergers she may be unaware of the social consequences or appearance of bringing it up to her defense, who knows. But she might simply use it as an excuse kind of like Britney did in cycle 8-I don't know I didn't actually watch the season you're referring to. I just wanted you to know that Aspergers is a very serious mental condition/defect that does seriously impair a person. Aspergers if really, really mild might not be noticeable most of the time, but for the most part can be just as if not more disabling than ADHD.

KermitFruits said...

Oh...and there is no medication for people with Aspergers only intensive counselign sessions to help alleviate some of their stress with change, and to learn to be mroe respectful and show an interest in others-basically its the brain not developing correctly-not a chemical inbalance like ADHD which can be solved with medications.