Friday, November 2, 2007

UK - Philippines: Partners in Science

25 October 2007 -- Another crazy day for us sensors people at the TARC. UST hosted the UK - Philippines sensors workshop dubbed as "BIOSENSORS: Exploring New Domains in Bioanalysis" at the Research Complex. Foreign guests from UK and Singapore came over, and of course, as Doc Sev's minions, we had our tasks during the event.

My initial duty was to prepare the Souvenir Program. It took me a few days to finish the whole thing, which caused me to miss experiments and preparation of experimental materials. But what the heck. I have been doing layout stuff since college, so this was not something new to me. It's funny because until now I get excited when I do these things.

Anyway, a day before the workshop proper I was asked by Ate Karina to man the registration booth--wearing Filipiniana. I got to school really early the next day and helped Sir Bergs put up posters presentations, which by the way, kept on falling every minute or so. By the time the registration started, I was sweaty already and I still needed to change to my Filipiniana costume. Just imagine my haggardness. Argh.

I immediately went to help at the registration booth as soon as I got myself all made up.

Registration booth with Ate Karina and Ate Levi

Registration booth with Tita Beng and Ate Jacq

Chres, Erick, and I helping out at the registration booth

As Doc Sev's minions, we couldn't fully participate in the workshop. As I've said, we had tasks to accomplish for the day. And since we were assigned at the registration booth, we took pics while waiting for late attendees to arrive. We just had to unleash the camwhores in us.

Mam Karen, Chres, and me

Registration peeps at the TARC lobby

TARC gurls - Em, Mama K, Chres, me

At the end of the first session, people came rushing to our booth to ask for extra workshop kits. I tell you: we've encountered every type of human being imaginable. It's important to keep your cool at times like these. Really. Kasi if not, you know what happens.

Me and my Kopiroti bun after being attacked by really scary participants

We went back up to the lab to change into our normal clothes during the second session.

Hanging out in the lab

Prue, Em, Hannah, me

Just before having our lunch, we have decided to take a "batch pic." Yeah. Batch 2005 (BS)/2008 (MS)! Hopefully, this doesn't spoil our expected graduation from the MS program in March.

Batch 2005 / 2008

Doc Sev was the first speaker for the third session held after lunch. With full stomachs and a cozy auditorium, it was hard to keep our eyes open. We did things to amuse ourselves.

Doc Sev during his talk on biosensors and food safety

Doc Sev's minions

Chres sleepy na

Certificates in frames. Heavy.

Hannah pacute

The workshop was running an hour late already. By the time Doc Sev was doing the closing remarks, we, the registration committee, have gathered up outside the auditorium, took our seats, all ready to hand out the certificates.

Ready to distribute certificates

People came to approach us. We divided the certificates into groups. Surnames starting with R-Z were the ones assigned to us. A couple of names were mispelled and one wasn't even printed. Thank God Sir Dharm was ready to reprint certificates with corrections. I knew they would come for us if we didn't correct their certificates!

Filipino style cocktails soon followed. When I say Filipino style cocktails, I mean "fiesta-like." We had something like this when we hosted AsiaSense 2007 back in June. We had puto bumbong, bibingka, sapin-sapin, yummy pansit--basically kakanin--but we also had shrimp tempura, chicken lollipops, etc. I noticed our UK and Singaporean guests liked the pansit. They kept coming back for more.

Cocktails night

There was a short cultural show by the Salinggawi Dance Troupe and a game where a palayok needs to be hit while blindfolded.

SDT doing Maglalatik (is that what it's called?)

Dr. Higson trying out the Tinikling

And what is a Pinoy fiesta without karaoke?

Ate Karina and Sir Dharm singing

Our guests seemed to enjoy our singing because they began dancing as soon as we started with our Magic Sing!

Dr. Michel dancing with Dr. Su

Erick dancing with Dr. Hall

I was dead tired when I got home at around 10 pm. Nonetheless, we had so much fun during the day. How many times do you get to host an international conference with all -- as in ALL -- expenses paid by the sponsoring government?

UK, I heart thee. I shall visit you soon.

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