Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Just thought of being vain today. Here are eight random facts about myself...

1. I am named after a character in the Bible. My name actually means "gazelle" or "deer" (yes, the one with antlers). My name is Greek but has a Hebrew translation: Tabitha.

2. My 18th birthday was Wild Wild West-inspired. I didn't wear a gown, instead I wore a Cowboy outfit (with a cowboy hat to match, yee-ha!).

3. I used to be part of the college paper.

4. I feel sad when it rains.

5. I am a super impulsive buyer.

6. My birthday is Cory Aquino's birthday. And Robert Boyle's too.

7. I have trouble getting up in the morning. Believe me, it's AGONY.

8. I thought Ian Veneracion was adorable when I was five years old. God, was I crazy.

Be vain and dedicate this day to randomness. Post something about you!

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