Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I heart credit cards

I have to honestly say that credit cards are my lifeline. I swear I cannot go shopping without the plastic in my purse. I don't usually bring cash when I hit the mall (because most of the time I do not have cash! Hahaha!) so having a handy credit card always saves the day.

Since Dad gave me an extension of his VISA credit card, I knew right away that it will be used for my shopping escapades. Now that I am driving our car pretty much everywhere around the metro, Mom has finally decided to give me an extension of her Shell credit card so that we could have rebates whenever we gas up at Shell. Oh, and an additional card means more means to buy stuff!!! Woohoo! Coolness!

I think it's easy now to apply for credit cards. Take Credit-land.com for instance. The site offers reliable and timely information on online banks’ credit applications. Doesn't matter if you have a great payment history or if you bad credit score because they will match you with a credit card that is right for you. The site also provides info about any issues related to bank deals.

Call me a slave of plastic cards but in the world we live in today, who would still care about cash? It's all about credit cards, baby! Get yours and let's all get shopping crazy!

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