Thursday, October 18, 2007


Yay! Another blog for me! I have decided to put up another blog to, ehem, increase chances of getting moolah. :-)

I tell yah, putting up another blog is no easy task. I had to pick out a design and customize it since I do not want this blog to appear "ignored." I mean, I am a details freak so everything here was carefully done with oh-so-much love. It's really a tedious job!

Things here are actually some stuff from my other blog, which has been around for a while. However, I might post entries only to this blog and not to the other one, so please do check this site out from time to time. Give your love to this baby that needs precious attention... NAKS!

Why Crazy / Beautiful? Aside from the movie title that bears these two words, it basically describes how I am with people I am comfortable with: I am superfluously crazy that it shows a unique kind of beauty... a unique side of me. I guess it's time to unleash a little of that craziness inside me and share it with you people. *insert cheezy awwww here*

Oh, enough of the drama. Thanks for dropping by, and welcome to my new site ;-)

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