Saturday, December 8, 2007

We grew up in the era where Jollibee is more than just a bee

He (or she?! Did you guys ever wonder if Jollibee's a guy or a gal? I did! And I still do!) was a sweetheart. Ulkkk.

I was digging through some old photos when I spotted something I could use to blackmail my brother Abi. This pic was taken during his 7th birthday some 17 years ago at Jollibee Binondo branch. Look who was closey-closey with the bee...

The big, thick glasses. The printed polo shirt. The black leather belt. The grey pants. Plus, the black leather shoes (not seen in this pic, but can be seen in the pic below). HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh my. At the age of 7... Dang! What was Mom and Dad thinking? I think Abi's aware of his fashion preference then, but what he probably doesn't know is that it will someday find its way online.

Sige na nga Abi, so you wouldn't feel too bad about this, here's my closey pic with Jollibee too. Pero siyempre, with you in the pic parin! *evil laugh*

I was in my Sunday best diyan ha! With matching patent leather white slip ons and white socks with ruffles! Hahaha!

You guys should watch out for more of our "old time" pics. I think I'd be doing regular entries on this topic!

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