Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Comfort foods

I was tagged by Arlene from way back in my other blog and I had the time to do it just now. A tag on my comfort foods... yumyum! Haha! This is so right for me! Thanks, Arlene!

First would be DONUTS! Krispy Kreme, Go Nuts, or even just Mister Donut! I love them all! In fact, I just ate two donut twists (chocoloate and coffee) from Mister Donut before doing this post. And by the way, not just donuts ha... donuts with chocolate milk drink! Haha! Carbo overload!

Second would be ice cream! Mango or mocha or chocolate flavor. Actually, any flavor is fine with me as long as it's creamy and yummy!

Third would be chips! Junk food! I have a sweet tooth, so I prefer those with a sweet twist. Chips go with a good cold cola.. I'd be a happy girl if you give me chips with Coke or Pepsi!

Feel free to snatch this tag!

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