Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rainy Thursday Randomness

I was about to leave the house and head to school when my Mom called to tell my Dad that classes have been canceled because of the non-stop rain. I had my mind set on visiting Doc Sev to give him our gift (it's his burrrrrdddaaay!) and at the same time present my experimental data to him. But because of the not-so-friendly weather and the floods attempting to fill Dapitan today, I am stuck at home with nothing to do but blog and read journal articles.


Speaking of Doc Sev's birthday, I might just drop by BF later to get him some Starbucks Coffee beans. He loves caffeine so we'll give him loads of it. Plus, I will have an excuse to go out of the house. Haha.


While trying to print some documents earlier, I found out that our new HP printer software doesn't display ink levels. The page had several unprinted lines, so I guess the black ink's running out. I re-installed the software, found out that I missed installing some components, and that it woundn't complete its installation because my computer doesn't have enough RAM.


I must really go out today and buy those RAM cards.


I do not really watch local movies, but my friends have convinced me to go watch John Lloyd's movie, One More Chance, tonight. Hmmm...


I hate it when it rains. It's sssssoooooo sad, so gloomy. It's like you have nothing else to do but sleep!

Therefore, I must really go out. Now na!

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